4 things People Want

For most customers, the single most important item is the Energy Efficiency, show them a reduced cost of home ownership and they are usually on board. It is not likely that energy costs will ever go down but continue to rise as time continues on.
Home Owners are staying in their homes longer so are more willing to do upgrades with a payback that they might see during their ownership, NAHB said home owners are willing to spend 6,000.00 more on average for a home that will save them $1,000.00 per year in energy costs. A reduction in operating costs might make a difference whether someone purchases a house. Another valuable option is the current state and national rebated for energy efficient products in a home, in some cases it could be a 30% savings for a home owner. This is an important item when people are concerned with the economic downturn.
This item is becoming more and more important to home owners. Many people and their children have allergies or repertory issues that would be heightened in a new home due to the off gassing of products and finishes in the typical home. It will be important to determine the level of clean you want, are you looking for no VOC or Low VOC products and finishes.
Are the home products sustainable, come from the local area or FSC certified? These are some of the questions you will need to determine what you would like. There are many different levels of cost involved in this.
Look below at Why should I verify my house?

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