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15 12, 2011

What is Zero Energy Design?

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“Zero Energy Design”, what is it really? Can you imagine building a new home that does not have any energy cost, now or forever into the future? How much would that be worth to you?

Zero Energy Design is taking all of the components of the house and breaking them down and using the […]

26 10, 2011

4 things People Want

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For most customers, the single most important item is the Energy Efficiency, show them a reduced cost of home ownership and they are usually on board. It is not likely that energy costs will ever go down but continue to rise as time continues on.
Home Owners are staying in their homes longer so […]

29 09, 2011

Do People really want green?

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When I discuss Green with my clients there are specific things they typically are looking for, the first one is often Energy Efficiency and the second one is a Healthy Home. These are both parts of Green Building and can be accomplished on many different levels.

Many new homes are being designed with […]

28 09, 2011

What does Green really mean?

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I have been designing and building homes, renovations and additions for the last 35 years, learning as we go about energy efficiency as well as efficient use of materials to reduce costs to keep homes competitive in an ever changing market.

With the onset of the New Economy and its impacts on the new home market, […]

15 08, 2011

Are Insulated Concrete Forms Green?

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post from Kelly McGinnis of the Portland Cement Association. As PCA’s Program Coordinator of Sustainable Development Ms. McGinnis is responsible for several green outreach and education programs for the design and construction community. Additionally, she oversees content development for www.ConcreteThinker.com and its companion sustainably-focused e-newsletter.

Ms. McGinnis is a member of the Chicago Chapter USGBC and […]

18 07, 2011

Why should I Verify my House?

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Why should I Verify my House
We live in a society that media often tends to overuse words that have a meaning or recognition that are catchy or hip to boost sales and products. Green is one of those items, every so often the National Broadcast companies will have “Green Week” or some other promotion and […]

28 06, 2011


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Monday, May 17, 2010
This is a new blog attached to my web site that can be used as a forum to post new information about Green and Zero Energy Design and construction and all things having to do with building and or renovating homes to be more energy efficient using sustainable products and practices.

Some of […]