What is Zero Energy Design?

“Zero Energy Design”, what is it really? Can you imagine building a new home that does not have any energy cost, now or forever into the future? How much would that be worth to you?

Zero Energy Design is taking all of the components of the house and breaking them down and using the latest science in building techniques and materials while using the Greenest and most Sustainable products and putting them all together to design your home to generate as much power as it uses on an annual basis for its heating, lighting and energy costs.

It starts with basic building design and orientation to the sun to take advantage of the passive solar that is available from your building site. The building design is optimized to take full advantage of the energy savings available to move us toward the Net Zero Energy Design goal.

Next are the building components that will impact the energy use of the building as well as the comfort level for you as the occupant while you are living there. Zero Energy Design will take full advantage of the many new and wonderful products available today that can maximize the energy efficiency of your home while giving you a healthier and more efficient home. The National move toward Built Green standards in the home building industry has caused many of the new energy efficient building technologies to become more mainstream bringing the cost of those products down to a level where they are more competitive with traditional products. Most of these products are both healthier for you and the environment as well as well as Sustainable and efficient.

In order to achieve Net Zero Energy, our Zero Energy Design team must create a balance of an exciting, healthy, efficient and livable home that will meet your family’s needs for years and perhaps generations to come. Once we have created this home, then we can create the energy required to heat and operate this home from available energy sources on site. This can be accomplished with the ground source, wind, sun or water. All of these technologies have come a long ways in the last few years and continue to become more efficient and cost effective each year as the cost of utilities continue to rise at an exorbitant rate. We will look at each site and evaluate the best and most efficient opportunities available for your specific building site to generate the most cost efficient energy.

At the heart of the Zero Energy Design concept is the idea that buildings can meet all their energy requirements from low-cost, locally available, nonpolluting, renewable sources. At the strictest level, a ZED generates enough renewable energy on site to equal or exceed its annual energy use. Your home will produce energy to the grid during the day when the sun is out and draw energy from the grid at night. There are currently local and Federal incentives that will pay for a large portion of the initial cost of equipment and many areas continue to pay a substantial rate for energy produced that goes to the grid. In our area it is almost 3 times the cost you pay the utility for your power.
Zero Energy Design homes do not need to cost a fortune to build, with careful consideration of the design and specifications of the home these homes can be built for a nominal premium over the home that is standard in their design criteria and have an ongoing energy consumption cost. Most people will spend twice as much on energy for their house and car over a thirty year mortgage as they spend on the initial purchase of their home. A Zero Energy Design home can provide all of the energy you need for both the car and the house. Your home could create enough power to operate an electric car.

Imagine living a completely carbon free life! Break away from the oil dominated society, live your life the way you want, in full control of your energy destiny.

SC Design – Architectural Designer will help you create your next home using Zero Energy Design and help you create your next home and show you how you do not need to spend a fortune to design and build your next home. A 1900 square foot Zero Energy home was recently built in Seattle for $220,000! Let us help you design your new home that will take you into your future!

Call Steve Senger @ 509-607-0300 for your free consultation and we can answer any questions you might have.

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